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This is where Zlatan communicates with his fans about football, Paris, the national team, and much more. It is also here that Zlatan answers Unplugged Questions before and after every match. By following Unplugged, you will always be able to read what Zlatan has to say, before any other media has published it.

No need to get in shape

09:06 | 12-07-2016

No need to get in shape, I stay in shape. Hard work pays off.

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Time to let the world know

17:08 | 30-06-2016

Time to let the world know. My next destination is @manchesterunited #iamcoming

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I am Zweden

11:39 | 23-06-2016

I came from this place people call "ghetto Rosengård", conquered Sweden and made it my country.

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23:10 | 22-06-2016

En era når sin ände när Zlatan och Sverige, efter en uddamålsförlust mot Belgien, slås ut ur EM.

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